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Tote bag


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Meet Freyja - "Be plastic free"

This tenacious little mermaid is seven year old Freyja. Freyja is currently fighting clear cell sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer. Recently, Freyja was granted a wish by Make-A-Wish to see wild dugongs and dolphins in Queensland as part of her much bigger wish to raise awareness of the plight of dugongs and other marine life. But, Freyja's wish ran much deeper than seeing these beautiful animals, Freyja wants you to help rid the ocean of the plastic we've put there.

Her passion for the environment and reducing the amount of plastic in our oceans is absolutely inspiring. While on her wish Freyja and her family walked the beaches picking up rubbish and during a recent hospital visit Freyja organised a meeting to reduce the use of plastic within the hospital - she really is one driven young lady!

Reducing plastic

Together we can limit the use of single use plastic. Starting with one small step, we can make a difference to the devastating consequences it has on our oceans. One of the most direct ways to begin to address this issue is to replace single use plastic bags with just one reusable bag. It only takes one small change to make a big impact, bringing a tote bag along to the shops can start to reverse the damage that has already been caused.

As part of her quest to save the dugongs and dolphins, Freyja has taken it upon herself to design her very own tote bag inspired by her recent visit to meet dugongs and dolphins.

Raising awareness

This tote bag was made into a reality to help Freyja spread awareness to rid the ocean of single use plastic. Freyja designed the artwork for this tote bag to represent the dugongs and dolphins that are at risk because of the enormous amounts of plastic in their home, the ocean. Along with her sister's excellent assistance this hand drawn artwork came to life and allows you to not only show your support to Make-A-Wish, but also help towards combating the single use plastic issue.